Carbon badana ciclismo

CARBON D-MAZ combines two layers of high density foam, with two inserts of memory foam (XRD) on the ischial and perineal areas providing a high level of comfort and lowering the impact produced by the vibrations. Covered by a comfortable layer of micro fibers with carbon thread.

COMBI MEN pad produced by Elastic Interface®, has a 3D foam and has been designed for high duration and intensity rides in both mountain bike and road rides. 

ROAD PERFORMANCE of Elastic Interface® is designed to cover the need of competitive cycling. Pad with 2 symmetrical 3D foam insertions to protect the perineal area.


WOMAN TRS thermoformed pad with adapted shape to women's anatomy. Different density levels with a complete perineal pretection. For rad and mtb use. 

TRI AIR  pad designed specifically for triathlon, with a reduced dimensions and thickness, offers enough protection for the practice of this sport. Covered with a special Quick dry fabric. 

Pad specifically designed for kids cycling practice. Reduced dimensions to adapt to a 12 years old kid physiognomy